About Us

The knowledge we gather from observation and experiments is commonly known as Science.  Numerous are the gains and advantages of mankind through scientific study and research.  They have triggered progress and development and offer comforts in life.  Presently we are unable to deny that fact since we all are its beneficiaries.

Of course there is scientific progress and it brings about many positive changes in human life.  Yet with all these claims we couldn’t contribute a peaceful human life to the World Citizens.  In other words, we failed to find a formula for a peaceful life to the world at large. It is fact that a lion’s share of the multitude spends either a desperate and uncomfortable wild life or a life of poverty and misery cursing their lot.  A closer study of the world affair reveals the glaring fact that although as certain sections of the community enjoy remarkable financial stability for reasons best known to themselves they remain far away from happy and peaceful life.   But most among them are seeking happiness and peace.  And it is a paradox that although well equipped with all scientific means for study and research no tangible result has been arrived at so far any scientific approach from any corner whatsoever.  And further in case there have been any effort from any person or institution it might have gone unnoticed by the general public.

The basic fact that pertains to peace and happiness is rather a very delicate thing.  As a matter of fact we seek peace from all quarters but our mind.  Strangely enough, the so called mind is invariably connected with factors like physical and mental health, environments, family, neighborhood, economy, society, politics, spiritual affairs etc.  So under the circumstances peace and happiness as sought out should be computed as total amount of peace and happiness existing in each and every such factors.  As such the scientific study and research for the purpose of mitigating the hindrances and obstacles inherent in all the said factors retarding the individual peace and happiness thereby securing totality of peace and happiness assumes relevancy and significance presently.  And it is herby submitted that the Centre for Peace, professes to initiate such a glorious attempt by public participation.  Taking stock of the present deplorable circumstances in which we witness degradation of human values and mounting misery and national calamities it is hereby urged that such an attempt even to the minutest extent be always welcome to the suffering humanity.

WE, The Centre for Peace, hereby tender unto the public at large our hard-earned asset duly strengthened and fortified by study and research extending over twenty-five years wiz Pattern of Study  which is for the sake of expediency and transparency divided conveniently into 5 Volumes to facilitate effective coaching of the various programmes envisaged therein witch in the near future is destined to incorporate variations, alterations, additions, omissions etc. arising out of individual appraisal an assessment of the beneficiaries churned out of their own worldly experience whereby an authenticated and authoritative document enjoying the status of the Magnacarta be evolved eventually which in itself be termed as Science of Peaceful Life.  Incidentally, the implementation of the proposed project by means of the said full-fledged Science of Peaceful Life will certainly lead World Citizens towards the much cherished goals of Justice, Equity, Good Conscience and liberty which are the main factors of peace and happiness.